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Have you recently noticed that it's becoming harder and more painful getting out of a car or chair, going for a walk, or climbing up and down stairs?

You've been thinking knee surgery maybe the next step. Before, you go down that road read this before you decide.


Many people assume that if I get knee surgery it's going to fix everything, and I'll be walking without pain. From my research, in reality many people experience it much differently and regret not being prepared beforehand.

Firstly, there's physical therapy before surgery. It's called prehab to get your body prepared especially the leg that is not involved. After surgery, there's a tendency to overuse and rely on your good leg. In time it starts to hurt too.

After surgery there's a tremendous amount of pain – 9 or 10 on the scale. Post op rehab is quite tough and painful to get through. Your doctor will prescribe strong pain killers to manage pain. There will be months of rehab therapy ahead of you. Recovery is slow. It can take up to 6 months to a year.

Pain medications prescribed are powerful and can have many side-effects. These can be significant, including nausea, vomiting, constipation, urinary retention, drowsiness, impaired thinking skills and poor respiratory function.

Therapeutic yoga will bring back control over your life and the pain no longer has power over you.

Knee pain osteoarthritis


Surgery should be your last resort. Waiting and worrying about your knee may have a direct impact on the level of pain you experience daily. Your emotions and stresses are a component of the pain cycle.

Have you tried short-term strategies like knee braces, creams, medications, steroid and hyaluronic acid injections? These treatments provide only temporary or no results.

Are you on a wait list? If you have to wait 1 - 2 years, it's a long time to live with chronic pain. It affects everything you do. When you limit your movement over time there's a disconnect from your nervous system to your leg and foot. You begin to lose certain ranges of motion in many joints.

Use it or lose it

Every day your body changes in tiny ways. It becomes less resilient & more problems begin to appear. Other areas become painful. Your body is a living, dynamic organism. It adapts to its environment of inflammation, stress, idleness, and misalignment.


If you decide that surgery is not for you or you've been told to lose weight, consider yoga therapy. It's a holistic treatment with no side effects to worry about. The therapy works on your whole body. Improves mobility and overall well-being.

Soft as Stone Therapeutic Yoga applies restorative therapeutic movement to discover the root cause. Reestablish pure movement to bring harmony among groups of muscles. You will learn a lot about yourself.

No painkillers. No side effects. No risk. Connect mind to body for vitality and unleash your energy.


Pain is a message communicating there's dysfunction somewhere in your body. Pain is a symptom, not the cause. Your body has a unique language & pain is the message. Learn how to listen.

By becoming more aware, one BECOMES more aware

Yoga looks at the body as a whole instead of just one part. Where there is pain is not where the problem lies.

When you move with less compensations, the stronger you get and have more energy. You will move with greater confidence. The right muscles engage, while other ones are quiet. You will begin to know where you need more strength.

For the first time, return back to the activities you love to do like walking, dancing or working out at the gym! You will have a toolbox filled with strategies that you can use to manage your condition.

Therapeutic yoga will give you control over your life and the pain no longer has power over you.


I have worked with many clients who suffer from chronic pain due to osteoarthritis. They have tried many different treatments and still not happy with their results.

In many cases, when I first see a client with knee pain there's a great deal of inflammation and swelling in their tissues. Standing or bending their knees is difficult and leg feels stiff and painful when bearing weight.

By working closely with them, watching them move, assessing their patterns, I usually discover there's more going on. I assess their whole body not just one part.


There are many movements that you can learn to do but which ones will give you the best results? Every person is unique. In the past, you may have received a program from your physiotherapist, but the exercises were too painful. So, you stopped doing them all together in frustration and resignation.

Yoga Therapy starts where you are. Begin to learn how to become aware, interception. Start with micro movements and notice sensations in your body. Replace old habits with new patterns. Your movement improves. Pain becomes less frequent or settles out. Sometimes in the first session.

Once your body is more aligned and using right muscles you will move with integrity and co-ordination.

Yoga for knee pain and exercises


If you want good results, work privately with me. Unpack the root cause of your pain puzzle that has only resulted in frustration and anxiety. In just a few sessions your pain will reduce or disappear. Then, and only then your yoga therapy will focus on building strength for better movement.

Each program is tailored to your body and lifestyle. It will improve your energy and bring back control over your life. Breath and movement become one. Your body will begin to feel in balance again. You will feel more like yourself.

If you want to know more about yoga therapy and what it can do for you visit my website. Or call me for a chat to discuss your challenges and goals.

Don't wait another day! Start your healing journey. Book an appointment to talk about what your goals to improve your health and well-being.

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