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I love it when they get great results from Restorative Therapeutic Movement

Here are some kind words from happy clients.

Noreen has adapted/provided many exercises for my condition that have greatly helped me to have more flexibility & that has greatly helped in relieving a lot of my pain & discomfort.  Noreen has helped me through a very difficult time & I am so grateful.


During the 6 months Noreen worked with me privately and during the Chartwell class twice a week I had come a long way. The little videos she made proved that.

Dealing with the isolation, worry, and frustration of Covid-19 was a major setback.

She has offered every yoga move to help improve my being, an excellent exercise video, suggesting books I might like to read, and every bit of information she felt I might benefit from.

I can’t express my thanks enough not only for all the above but the emotional support she freely gave me.


Noreen's weekly yoga sessions help me to tune into my body & keep all my joints moving properly. I have become more flexible since I started 3 years ago. My quality of life is definitely improved!


Private yoga therapy released restrictions in my body related to hip & knee replacements.  Noreen's knowledge of the human body is immense & by integrating yoga she has restored fluidity to the way my body moves.  She has a gentle way of teaching you how to maintain the techniques you learn. 

Ever grateful!


I have utilized the practise of Yoga for more than 30 years to deal with symptoms of anxiety and back pain. I have had many many yoga instructors but consider Noreen to be the very best.


Noreen is different. She is very interested in client feedback and will change/alter the lessons based on this feedback. She is empowering. Noreen remains very responsive to my issues and concerns and I have always "felt heard" by her. 


Considering the degree of her knowledge, her sensitivity to my concerns, and the ability of the yoga intervention to comfort and heal me, the cost of the lessons is better than reasonable.  


They say, "Go the extra mile." Noreen is this saying personified.


I took group & private yoga classes. I have experience & seen huge physical improvement in a very short time. I have become more flexible, learned which exercises to do when different muscle pain would flare up. Needless to say: No other physiotherapy, exercise, group exercises had helped me as much as this yoga did.


I am extremely grateful to have been recommended Noreen by the incredible Ovik at Oviks Spa and Salon 


Noreen at Soft As Stone pays careful attention and then proceeds using skill and intuition to guide you towards your optimal alignment, range of motion and movement 


I started my sessions with Noreen 6 months after hip replacement surgery. These sessions and new exercises from Noreen have led to a substantially improved gait, walking is smoother and easier


There has also been a big correction in my limping which had persisted despite surgery. Due to decades worth of embedded movement and compensation patterns and misalignment throughout my body 


Soft As Stone with Noreen, is where I direct family and friends who are in pain, suffering before and after surgeries to find holistic and real relief with a gentle, caring and invested practitioner 


With tremendous gratitude, appreciation.


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