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Noreen Yoga Therapist



End the control pain triggers have over your life

Hi,  I'm Noreen


I'm dedicated to helping you go from overwhelmed and in pain to unstuck and moving forward with a renewed energy to do what you love.


I develop your unique and customized treatment plan, applying the principles of yoga - breath, movement, and stillness. 


I'm here to help you implement a non-invasive strategy to get off the hamster wheel of pain, treatment, and back to pain.

Begin your new journey

Unleash your power and bring fresh vitality to your life

Discovery Call

Find out more about how yoga can help. Connect with me to chat about your health challenges and what you would like to achieve.

Great opportunity to ask anything.  

Yoga Therapy

Work one on one to dig deeper into the root cause of your health challenges with pain, movement, or other issues. 

Learn about your body and self care tools to help reconnect mind and body. 

Transform your body

Online Classes

Group classes are a wonderful way to improve your flexibility, posture, balance, and coordination. 

Build consistency and good habits.

Improve bone health and reduce anxiety and stress

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

Lao Tsu

Noreen Yoga Therapist & Teacher
Hi, I'm Noreen Isotani

Certified Yoga Therapist and yoga teacher, and my passion is helping people live full lives not limited by pain.


Knowing how life-changing freedom from pain can be, I began my education in yoga therapy so that I could share this non-invasive, gentle, and unique path for healing and recovery.  

Yoga for Joints

Here's what you will get

  • Print out of your practice

  • Pictures of all movements

  • Learn how to move from the largest joints 

  • Start to build a reliable habit

Get Your Free 10 Minute Yoga For Joints

Today is the best time to start and free your joints.

Reduce stiffness and move with ease.

Work at your own pace.

Simple and powerful movements for a lifetime!

To get your 10 Min Yoga for Joints

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Some of my Happy Clients

Private yoga therapy released restrictions in my body related to hip & knee replacements.  Noreen's knowledge of the human body is immense & by integrating yoga she has restored fluidity to the way my body moves.  She has a gentle way of teaching you how to maintain the techniques you learn. 

Ever grateful!


I took group & private yoga classes. I have experience & seen huge physical improvement in a very short time. I have become more flexible, learned which exercises to do when different muscle pain would flare up. Needless to say: No other physiotherapy, exercise, group exercises had helped me as much as this yoga did.


Noreen has adapted/provided many exercises for my condition that have greatly helped me to have more flexibility & that has greatly helped in relieving a lot of my pain & discomfort.  Noreen has helped me through a very difficult time & I am so grateful.


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