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Live A Life Not Limited By Pain

Are you frustrated about how long you've been suffering from the same pain or health challenge?  You've tried everything to resolve it.  Results are temporary or there's no relief!

Imagine A Life Where You...

Have a say in the every day activities you get to do again

Can go on holidays for the first time in years

Are able to walk for blocks or around the mall without experiencing any stiffness or soreness

Feel good all the time without having to change your priorities

Don't have to rely on medications or expensive creams anymore 

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

I'm a certified yoga therapist and teacher to help you carve a new path for change reconnecting your body, mind, and soul.


End the energy-depleting cycle of pain, treatment, and back to pain!

Working closely alongside of you to teach new tools that heal the whole person and not the condition.

Yoga therapist and yoga therapy
Noreen Yoga Therapist

Here's How We Will Work Together

Start with a free discovery call to pinpoint where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go

Get to know each other. Ask any questions to make sure that we're the right fit

Meet in person or online for your yoga therapy sessions and create a customized program to help you reach your goals 

Step by step, you are going to get results and bring back joy and vitality into your life to feel young again

I Can Help Because I've Been There

I know first hand how difficult it can be to live with constant pain.  I discovered therapeutic yoga after a long journey with chronic bursitis, hip pain and osteoarthritis in both knees. 


I tried acupuncture, heat and water therapy, physiotherapy, and massage, but nothing helped to ease my pain the way yoga therapy did. Finally, I found a path to healing without medical intervention.

Now, I live pain free and able to do all the activities I love.

I've taught hundreds of students over the last seven years as a yoga teacher.  My certification in yoga therapy and experience has allowed me to work with over a hundred clients with conditions such as persistent shoulder and back pain, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, MS, plantar fasciitis, and other health issues.

Yoga Therapy provides new tools of self-care and healing pathways to allow you to live a fuller life with energy and vitality. 


Self-care tools you have for a life time! 

Noreen Yoga Therapist and Teacher

Pricing & Packages


Do you want to get an assessment and a taste of what Yoga Therapy with me is like?  Start to unpack your compensations.  It's a power-packed, 90 minute session to kick start your journey, shift to a new path for recovery. Give you the momentum you need to achieve your short term goal. 

What's included:

Complimentary discovery session

1 x 90 minute yoga therapy session in-person or online

Support email/text/phone 5 days after session




Take the journey of a lifetime and transform your mind and body!  Over 3 months we'll address your pressing health challenges. Create lasting change and get you closer to feeling your best.  Your deep dive Yoga Therapy Package is for you if you're ready to make changes and live your best life!

What's included:

Complimentary discovery session

Assessment and initial yoga therapy session 90 minutes

4 x 60 minute therapy sessions

Meet weekly or bi-weekly

Flexible scheduling

Support email/text/phone between sessions 

Customized Home Practice program




I started my sessions with Noreen 6 months after hip replacement surgery. These sessions and new exercises have led to a substantially improved gait, walking is smoother and easier. There has been a big correction in my limping which had persisted despite surgery. Due to decades worth of embedded movement and compensation patterns and misalignment throughout my body.


I have experienced and seen a huge physical improvement in a very short time.   I have become more flexible, learned which exercises to do when different muscle pain would flare up. Needless to say:  no other physiotherapy, exercise, group exercises had helped me as much as this yoga did


If you're feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of pain, treatment, and back to pain, I'm here to motivate you and start moving forward. Empower yourself and take back your control over your health, your life, and your happiness.

Let's do this!

Now it's your turn!  Take the first step and book a free discovery call.  Let's talk about your challenges, your goals and what's stopping you from living your best life.  I'm so excited to meet you and help you achieve real change.

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