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As a yoga therapist, I know pain is a symptom, not the cause. That’s why I'm committed to working with the whole person, not just one part.


I believe in the healing power of yoga therapy because it’s safe, affordable, and it can keep you doing the activities you love for a long, long time.

As a Certified yoga therapist, I use the foundations of yoga -- movement, breathwork, and meditation -- to help clients get relief from chronic pain, mobility issues, and emotional stress or trauma.


Unlike a yoga class, I choose yoga techniques and other movement practices based on how they will specifically benefit you.  In each session, your movement will focus on the issue or condition you’re experiencing in order to help you feel better and improve your function.


Yoga therapy is unique from other treatment modalities because it treats the whole person, not just one piece. Instead of focusing on where the pain is,.  I look at your body holistically, supporting the healing of not only the area where pain has emerged, but the underlying cause as well.


There’s no need for previous yoga experience, as I will guide you through the movements of your treatment program. (It’s also very relaxing, so it never feels like therapy!)


If you’re ready to end the control pain triggers have over your life, then book a free

consultation today.


I strive to make therapeutic yoga accessible to all. Specializing in students with mobility and health issues.  Our sessions focus on alignment, pure movement, exploration, and discovery rather than focusing on getting the pose “right.”


Yoga therapy is a gentle, nurturing, and non-invasive alternative medicine that allows the body to heal itself.  I don't work from a cookie-cutter treatment plan. Instead, I see one-on-one sessions with clients as a way to seek answers to the root causes of their pain, which helps in making them whole again.

“It’s at this place where the greatest opportunity for healing and self-awareness lie - a natural pathway to the wisdom of the body’s own process.”


I have utilized the practise of Yoga for more than 30 years to deal with symptoms of anxiety and back pain. I have had many many yoga instructors but consider Noreen to be the very best.


Noreen is different. She is very interested in client feedback and will change/alter the lessons based on this feedback. She is empowering. Noreen remains very responsive to my issues and concerns and I have always "felt heard" by her. 


Considering the degree of her knowledge, her sensitivity to my concerns, and the ability of the yoga intervention to comfort and heal me, the cost of the lessons is better than reasonable.  


They say, "Go the extra mile." Noreen is this saying personified.


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