Private Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga therapy is a safe and affordable treatment that helps reduce persistent pain, mental and emotional stress or trauma.  It’s built on the foundations of yoga: breathwork, visualization, meditation, and movement to fit the current needs of each client. It works on the whole person - not just the conditions.


The first session begins with an assessment of where you are at, a general health questionnaire and discussion.  It can be very effective, especially when there are multiple layers of chronic illness and misalignments that undermine the body’s natural balance. By removing barriers, the mind-body can begin to heal holistically.  


By working with a yoga therapist methodically, the root cause of pain begins to emerge.  However, where the pain is located may not be the problem because of compensations. A personalized program is developed with the client’s active involvement to meet specific goals.  Yoga therapy can support whatever activities you love to do in a safe manner to prevent further injuries and/or reduce your reliance on pain medications so that you can feel good in your body again.  Yoga Therapy doesn’t feel like therapy – it’s relaxing and it doesn’t hurt!


No previous experience of yoga is necessary

* FREE 20 minutes consultation in person or by phone *

LOCATION: By appointment only.  

                     Ovik's Spa 35 Thomas St., 2nd Floor

                     Mississauga, ON  

                     (Wheelchair accessible - elevator & ramp)