Knee and hip replacements delayed? What you can do to help yourself now

Recently in the news, non-emergency surgeries have been postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Cardiac & cancer surgeries take priority over knee or hip replacements for advanced osteoarthritis. It may take more than 2 years & that’s a very long time living with chronic pain.

Every day your body changes in tiny ways – slowly becoming less resilient & more problems begin to appear. Other areas of your body become increasingly painful. We believe surgery will fix us. “If only I could get a new knee or hip, all will be good.” Unfortunately, your body is a living, dynamic organism adapting to its environment of inflammation, stress, idleness, and misalignments.

What can you do? Build a bridge! How do you do it? Yoga Therapy - a gentle therapeutic non-invasive alternative. No painkillers required. Get to the root cause of your suffering. There’s functional dysfunction somewhere else. Pain is a symptom, not the cause. Your body has a unique language & pain is the message. Learn how to listen. By becoming more aware, one BECOMES more aware.

Respect your body - your real home. Start where you are at. Find balance & ease. Build a strong foundation to handle more & more complex movement, like walking or dancing!

Working one on one with a certified yoga therapist, after just a few sessions the pain reduces or disappears - inflammation settles out. And only then, your yoga therapy will focus on progressively increasing strength, coordination & integrity of movement, where breath and movement become one.

“I’ve never met anyone who moves well who has pain”. Susi Hately

Move better, feel better.