Should I have Knee Replacement Surgery?

Recently in the news, non-emergency surgeries have been postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic. Cardiac & cancer surgeries take priority over knee or hip replacements for advanced osteoarthritis. It may take more than 2 years & that’s a very long time living with chronic pain.

Every day your body changes in tiny ways – slowly becoming less resilient & more problems begin to appear. Other areas of your body become increasingly painful. We believe surgery will fix us. “If only I could get a new knee or hip, all will be good.” Unfortunately, your body is a living, dynamic organism adapting to its environment of inflammation, stress, idleness, and misalignments.

What can you do? Build a bridge! How do you do it? Restorative Therapeutic Movement or Yoga Therapy - a gentle non-invasive alternative. No painkillers required. Discover the root cause of your suffering. Pain is a message communicating there's dysfunction somewhere in your body. Pain is a symptom, not the cause. Your body has a unique language & pain is the message. Learn how to listen. By becoming more aware, one BECOMES more aware.

Respect your body. It's the only home where you will live in forever. Start where you are at. Find balance & ease. Build a strong foundation to handle more & more complex movement like walking, dancing or working out at the gym!

To get good results work one on one with a certified yoga therapist. In just a few sessions the pain reduces or disappears. Unpack the root cause of your pain puzzle that has frustrated you for years. Then, and only then your restorative therapeutic movement program will focus on progressively building strength, stamina, coordination & integrity of movement, where breath and movement become one -where your body feels in balance.

I've never met anyone who moves well who has pain. Susi Hately

Move better, feel better.