Thank you for all that you do to help Rabeeah & I become the best versions of ourselves.  Your time you spend with us, your suggestions, texts, motivation and chats really do mean so much to us.  Thank you for all that you do - you are truly amazing.                                                                   - Rabeeah + Sabeena

I have utilized the practise of Yoga, for more than 30-years, to deal with symptoms of anxiety - and back pain.  I have had many many yoga instructors but consider Noreen to be, the very best.  Noreen is different.  She is very interested in client feedback and will change/alter the group lessons based on this feedback.  She is empowering.  She is willing to tailor the lessons to reflect the wishes and needs of  the participants.  Noreen remains very responsive to my issues and concerns and I have always "felt heard" by her.  Considering the degree of her knowledge, her sensitivity to my concerns, and the ability of the yoga intervention to comfort and heal me, the cost of the lessons is better than reasonable.  They say "Go the extra mile" Noreen is this saying personified.                                                         - Cheryl

I had been suffering for many years of right shoulder pain due to a tear in my joint from a car accident.  I had gone for months and months of physio therapy and chiropractic treatment which did not seem to alleviate the issue. I met with a surgeon who said cortizone injections would not help me and that surgery might be possible but could not be certain it would fix the issue. I had suffered with this debilitating pain all these years, so much so that it became my “new normal” until I met Noreen.  Her yoga therapy and willingness to help me improve my physical well-being goes beyond the words. 

In just the first session I noticed a difference in mobility and was impressed by the subtle movements and exercises that had such a great impact on my body.  That first session was painful, but I could see everyday pain subside, and I was amazed!!  The right shoulder was feeling better in no time and I began to exercise more which is something I had deeply missed for quite some time.  Later I started developing pain in my left shoulder; this was likely due to over compensating for my injured shoulder or over straining it when working out.  So once again I looked to Noreen for help and in a few sessions she was able to give me relief from that nasty shoulder strain that plagued me. I am finally learning what it is like to live pain free and it is truly a great feeling!!  Now I have no pain while driving, or doing everyday tasks. I can finally enjoy working out and exercising as well as carrying around my little niece without worry.

I am ever so grateful/thankful for the continued help and support of Noreen and her yoga therapy, It has changed my life for the better.                                                                                   - Hasan